Lost by Sea – The Global Warmings First Victims

tuvalu_funafuti_luften_stortThe small islands of Tuvalu, northeast of Australia, is the first victims of the global warming, writes Dan McDougall in the article Lost to the Sea in News of the World on the 22nd of March 2009, the largest newspaper in the UK.

The small group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, with it’s 12,600 residents have large problems when the sea level rises. John Iakopo, a sailor in the 100-men strong Navy, is interviewed by News of the World, said that “The good Tuvalu is going down. Yes sir. Surer that the sun rises over the sea in the morning.” Iakopo shows very hard feelings for the industrialized countries like the US and the UK and blames them for that his islands drowns in the sea. “Whe have the world’s most insignificant carbon footprint and yet we will be the first to go, the first victims of global warming.” He says that the Americans, the British and all the developed countries have sealed his peoples fate.

The forgotten island of Tuvalu and it’s inhabitants is a tragic proof of that the world needs to take actions to prevent other beutiful islands like these to disappear from the face of the earth. The children going to school in Tuvalu may be the last generation to do so on these islands. The IPCC’s reports shows on a rise of three feet, wich is just above three feet in many places on the island will disappear – that is certain.

The island of Tuvalu is one more proof of that it is not the one that have caused the global warming that is the ones the is going to take the consequences of it. In the best case-scenario Tuvalu will last for another thisty year. But one day the people of Tuvalu is going to have to leave their islands in planes and lifeboats to head for New Zeeland as high sea refugees.


One Response to “Lost by Sea – The Global Warmings First Victims”

  1. Sara Says:

    Good structure and good vocabulary/language. You still don’t make many comments on sources, but your comments on the article are good.

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