Warning – High Sea Level

Scientists claim that the sea level could rise by 10 feet (3 metres). That would lead to flooding big coastal cities as New York, London, Calcutta and Tokyo which would put millions of people at risk of leaving their homes. All this according to an article in the Daily Telegraph by Richard Alleyne, 15 Apr 2009.

The Telegraph, one of the major newspaper in the UK, writes that the melting of the ice on Greenland and Antarctica causes water to pour into the worlds oceans at an alarming rate and rise the oceans sea-level. The fact that the Telegraph has many readers shows that it is a newspaper that keeps their stories to what many people consider is the truth. Or else they would not read their paper. By analyzing fossilised coral reefs from the last time the polar ices melted, called the interglacial, the sceintists can show that many reefs died during this time and that they where replaced by new reefs on higher ground. The interglacial time occured 121,000 years ago. Studying this time helps the scientists to understand what will happen to the earth with a warmer climate.

The quick change into the interglacial time worries the scientists that the climate change will in a similar speed and make the sea-level raise to a disastrous level in the near future. The new researches shows that the sea-level could raise to dangerous levels in this century. This prediction is not that high as other scientists claim. Some scientists claims there will be a raise to as much as 16 feet (5 metres) by the end of the century. But a raise of one metre will cause problems for low-lying countries who dont have the economy to build sophisticated sea defence systems, as Bangladesh.

This article shows that by studying our earth helps the scientists to understand how the earth will react when the temprature raises and the ices melt. Where people are in danger and will have to leave their homes because of the sea-level raises. And that it is mostly the poor countries that will suffer from what we in the rich part of the world have caused.


2 Responses to “Warning – High Sea Level”

  1. Sara Says:

    You make good comments and have sophisticated language well suited for the topic. In terms of content, you don’t comment on your source, and you are also not specifically focussed on the english speaking world, which was actually part of the task. You could have mentioned, for example, what political decisions different english speaking countries (or one country) have taken to combat global warming..

    • albinwilson Says:

      I will change the post because of when I wrote it I had very little time left before the lesson. /Albin Wilson

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